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What is "ctr" file extension? Recently I found one site with a file named "create.ctr", what language is that?

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What platform are you on? What webserver? – Oded Apr 28 '10 at 6:25
Careful ! The site has really poor stats on WOT. Netcraft says it's using apache on linux. – nc3b Apr 28 '10 at 6:29
It doesn't "have to" mean anything. Most web servers will allow you to associate any extension with any scripting engine you like. So short of asking them, there's not much you can do (other than google, perhaps) – Dean Harding Apr 28 '10 at 6:31

File Extension .CTR Details

File extension CTR

File Extension CTR and CTR File Format

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I can't find any resource about programming languages suggesting (or enforcing) a .ctr extension.

If the website you linked is using Apache, they may be using mod_mime and .ctr might not mean anything.

You may have better luck with this question on Super User.

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am sure its not corel – coderex Apr 28 '10 at 6:29

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