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I have a question about the usage of TCPListener in .NET... I am thinking about a client/server application and being new to this kind of application I have search a bit around the web and the solution which come the more often is to create a new thread for each new client connection.

This solution seem fine but I was wondering if it was still usable with a application where you can have thousands of client at the same time ?

Of course if there is thousands of client the application will not be hosted on a small desktop but on a real server, but is it the way to design an application for a large number of client ?

Thank for help.

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If i'm making an application (server - client), my first thought is always WCF. From experience i've never had any issues with number of clients connecting.

Here are a few links that might introduce you to it, if you don't know it.

1) MSDN Windows Communication Foundation is...

2) MSDN Windows Communication Foundation

I've made a post a while ago concerning wcf, and there's a sample setup of a server. That might help you.

--> How can i initialise a server on startup?

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Yes I haven't think of it, but as I am not limited with the Framework version it could be a good idea to use this. I will read this now cause I don't know it. – Karnalta Apr 28 '10 at 7:03

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