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Is there a way to set a selected/focused Row Appearance so that it makes the row only bordered (no background color changes, border color red) ?

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Click the smart tag button on the top right of the control when it is selected and choose Run Designer.

Smart Tag

Then under the appearances tab on the left you can specifically set the color of most of the components in the control


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For me FocusedRow/SelectedRow is not working, but it is possible to get the desired result with FocusedCell (in treelist designer -> Appearance tab, and then select FocusedCell from Appearances list)


Both FocusedRow and FocusedCell appearances are enabled by default, so if You have a treelist with one visible column, You will not (as I didn't) see the effect of settings for FocusedRow. In this case You have to disable FocusedCell appearance (or just configure necessary appearance at FocusedCell, not FocusedRow)

XtraTreelist.OptionsSelection.EnableAppearanceFocusedCell = false;

P.S. I am using DevExpress 13.2.5 version

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