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How do I remove the parent element and all the respective nodes using plain JavaScript? I'm not using jQuery or any other library. In other words, I have an element and when user clicks on it, I want to remove the parent of the parent element (as well as the respective children nodes).

<table id='table'>
    <tr id='id'>
        <td >
        <span onClick="edit(this)">Edit</span>/<span onClick="delete_row(this)">Delete</span>
        <td style="display:none;">
            <span onClick="save(this)">Save</span>


function delete_row(e)

Will remove only last <td>.

How do I remove the <tr> directly>?


returns the id of the row...

Is there any function like remove() or delete() ?

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Change your function like this:

function delete_row(e)
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Edit: You need to to delete parent of parent, so add one more .parentNode

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I know it's a little too late, but someone else might find it useful.
Just wrote a function for that.

Change this:


To this:

onClick="removeParents(this, document.getElementById('id'))"

function removeParents(e, root) {
    root = root ? root : document.body;
    var p = e.parentNode;
    while(root != p){
        e = p;
        p = e.parentNode;

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Or for those who like a one-liner

<button onClick="this.parentNode.parentNode.removeChild(this.parentNode);">Delete me</button>
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