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I have to get the absolute path of a windows service in a .Net Admin application. I am using ServiceController of .Net as shown below.

ServiceController serviceController = new  ServiceController(serviceName);

But I don't see any property here to get the absolute path of the .exe of the service. Is there anyway to get this programmatically.

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You can get this using WMI:

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)

    public static string GetPathOfService(string serviceName)
        WqlObjectQuery wqlObjectQuery = new WqlObjectQuery(string.Format("SELECT * FROM Win32_Service WHERE Name = '{0}'", serviceName));
        ManagementObjectSearcher managementObjectSearcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher(wqlObjectQuery);
        ManagementObjectCollection managementObjectCollection = managementObjectSearcher.Get();

        foreach (ManagementObject managementObject in managementObjectCollection)
            return managementObject.GetPropertyValue("PathName").ToString();

        return null;
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If it's not its own assembly you can look in the registry at:


Or if you mean find your own assembly's path:

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