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I uploaded my wordpress site from my Local host to a folder off my main domain (http://example.com/folder) using this tutorial http://www.webdesignerwall.com/tutorials/exporting-and-importing-wordpress/

(im working on a mac)

Everything went ok - admin panel is fine homepage is fine etc - only any page apart from the homepage redirects to this (http://example.com/folder/pagename) except instead of showing the content from that page it shows the unstyled information from the index page of my main root (http://example.com/)

What can I do to get this working?


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Do a general search with phpMyAdmin in your database for localhost URLs. And see How to Find and Replace Text in WordPress MySQL Database using SQL When Changing Domains » My Digital Life and Search RegEx « WordPress Plugins for grepping through posts and pages.

Better yet, use interconnectit.com WordPress Serialized PHP Search Replace Tool

And check your theme files for hardcoded links (as opposed to links using Template Tags/bloginfo « WordPress Codex ) to style sheets and pages.

Reset permalinks in Dashboard/Settings/Permalinks.

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wp-admin > Settings > Wordpress address and Blog address

to include "folder"

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to get this working ... delete all the posts/pages - go to ur local wordpress blog and export it. login to ur web blog and import.

that would be an alternative solution to working with the database and as far as i know exporting/importing content works good in wp :)

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