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I have simple Perl/CGI scripts based web server which is mainly used to display graphs and images. I am looking to make it more technical and come to know about Catalyst. I have installed all the required Perl modules on my test platform and created an application called myweb. Also, I am going through the Catalyst documents to reach my goal but nothing helpful yet.

  1. Is Catalyst helpful to display images/graphs on web?
  2. How can I use my existing CGI/Perl scritps with Catalyst?

Any example would be really appreciated.

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Catalyst is a web framework. It doesn't care what your content is. –  brian d foy Apr 28 '10 at 16:07

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Is Catalyst helpful to display images/graphs on web?

Whatever you currently do in your CGI script will also work in same way within Catalyst (view).

However you can improve/change your method by using an already prescribed Catalyst::View from CPAN.

How to use my existing cgi/perl scritps with Catalyst?

You can just embed your CGI script within Catalyst using Catalyst::Controller::CGIBin

However to get the full benefits of Catalyst MVC then it would be better to rewrite you CGI script into necessary component parts (Model, View & Controller).


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Check out Catalyst::View::Graphics::Primitive for graphics stuff Catalyst.

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I personally use Catalyst::View::Jemplate

This keeps my controller logic completely independent of what type of graph/chart API I use. In fact, I change the graph look and feel every few months just because i can..

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