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I'm using qTip jquery-plugin for my tooltips.

I cannot change the font-size of the tooltips. This is the code.. any number 2..4..8 produces the same results.

$('.option img[title]').qtip({  
    style: { name: 'light', border: {width: 0}, title: { 'font-size': 2 } },        
        position: {
            corner: {
                target: 'topMiddle',
                tooltip: 'bottomMiddle'


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I solved with CSS:

.qtip-content {
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You need to add the "px" and you can add any css property to your tool tip but you have to put it in quotation marks.

so try this (it worked for me)

'font-size' : '12px'
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Try removing the quotes around font-size

style: { name: 'light', border: {width: 0}, title: { font-size: 2 } }
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I tried and I got this error: "missing : after property id" –  Patrick Apr 28 '10 at 14:34
Quoting properties like that is specifically mentioned in the docs. –  jplindstrom Jun 8 '12 at 17:36

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