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I am the technology director for a small nonprofit, and I have a website that needs to be reviewed and commented on by the other staff members. Is it better to send out the design to everyone for individual/private comments, or just have a meeting and present the design to the whole group?

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Do both :)

I have had good experience doing both while writing design documents, although this should apply to a website as well. Basically, send out design drafts to key people to get initial feedback. Then when you think you are ready for a review, send something out to people before the meeting so they have a chance to prepare. Then have a sit-down meeting with everyone so that discussions can be made out in the open and issues can be addressed that require the discussion of multiple people.

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I say private comments first then meet to discuss if there are issues. If you keep people in the loop it, they can make much better informed decisions and they can help contribute good ideas.

As much as I am on board for everyone agreeing, I have seen committee group think destroy excellent websites with a deluge of mismatched features. I think the really important thing to remember is that feedback is always good, but you need a gatekeeper, someone who can take all the comment sludge and refine it into something beautiful.

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