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I am an AX newbie, and I need to make a modification to the ProjTableWizard form code and have not been able to locate where I need to make the change. Essentially what I need to do is modify the part of the Wizard process when creating a sub-project. I need to figure out how a line is inserted into the smmActivities table, so that I can modify the “Activity Purpose” field (prefix it with the Activity Purpose of its parent Project from the ProjTable Form) following the “Finish” button click on the ProjTableWizard form. So far I have been unable to figure out how the ProjTableWizard form is triggering this insert into smmActivities (and how the Purpose field is being populated from the Wizard). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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To locate the code that is creating smmActivities records, set a breakpoint in the smmActivities.insert() method, then run the ProjTableWizard. Once the debugger pops up, you can view the stack trace to see where the insert was called from.

When using the ProjTableWizard to create a project from a template, the smmActivities records are created in the class method HierarchyTemplateCopying.copyActivity(). It looks like the Purpose field is simply copied from the smmActivities records associated with the template.

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