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I need to select a datetime column in a table. However, I want the select statement to return the datetime as a nvarchar with the format DD/MM/YYYY.

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Assuming sql server, here is the convert documentation:

Looking through that, it looks like you want style 103:

 SELECT CONVERT(nvarchar(10), getdate(), 103)
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The OP requested NVARCHAR – Tom H Nov 7 '08 at 19:29
so he did. fixed it – Joel Coehoorn Nov 7 '08 at 19:36
is there any occasion where this is not as simple as putting an "n" in front of varchar? – AlexCuse Nov 13 '08 at 16:39

This should help. It contains all (or most anyway) the different date formats


I think you'd be better off handling the string conversion in client if possible.

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Geez, I type too slowly...

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Look up convert in BOL.

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Use Convert with the 103 option.

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select convert(nvarchar(10), datefield, 103)
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and the format of that output is? – Joel Coehoorn Nov 7 '08 at 18:10
The format for that is exactly what the OP asked for and is in the language of the DB that was specified. I'm not sure what the down votes are all about. – Tom H Nov 7 '08 at 19:28
The op edited the post after the comment- downvote revoked. – Joel Coehoorn Nov 7 '08 at 19:37

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