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I have a branch B1 and another branch B2. I want all files/subfolders (recursively) inside a particular folder X (and not on entire VOB) on B1 to be merged onto B2.

What exact findmerge command do I need to use?

The below commands will work for entire vob or if I run them by getting into the directory in question, that will suffice for me?

cleartool findmerge . -type dir -nc -fver .../dev/LATEST -merge
cleartool findmerge . -nc -type file -fver .../dev/LATEST -print

Thanks a lot in advance.

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After checkin the findmerge man page:

You shouldn't need to merge first the directories, then the files.
findmerge should do the right merges (directories, then files) all by itself.

cleartool findmerge . -nc -fver .../dev/LATEST -merge

should be enough.

cleartool findmerge . -nc -fver .../dev/LATEST -print

will print what needs to be merged, but will stop at the directories.

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Thanks a lot Von. – Keshav Apr 29 '10 at 4:23

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