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I am trying to build a project using the newest release candidate of Scala (scala-2.8.0.RC1) and Maven in Intellij CE (9.0.1) -- I cannot upgrade to 9.0.2 because it breaks the La Clojure plugin.

If I change my pom.xml to use the scala-2.8.0.RC1, Intellij tells me that Array is not defined (highlights in red). If I change to scala-2.8.0.Beta1, everything is fine.

Is there a (known) problem with scala-2.8.0.RC1 and Intellij?

Thanks, Ralph

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I think IDEA 9.0.1 just does not work with RC1. I may be wrong but my guess is that this is due to changes in the pickling format between the Beta1 and RC1 scala releases.

I have found few issues with 9.0.2 and RC1 but obviously if this breaks a vital plugin for you then you have learned an important lesson: there are costs associated with being at the bleeding edge

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Netbeans is fine with RC1 though, no issues so far :P – gpampara Apr 28 '10 at 15:45
The La Clojure plugin was updated on JetBrains website. I was able to upgrade IntelliJ to 9.0.2 and everything seems to be working. Thanks. – Ralph Apr 28 '10 at 16:26

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