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Is there a quick way to translate (using CSS or Javascript) a tables TD into TR, currently I have:

1 2 3 4

and I want to translate to:

A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4


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You want to turn HTML arranged like this:


Into this:



You can do this with Javascript, however, it is difficult to suggest a method with out knowing more about the structure of your site/HTML files. I'll give it a go.

Assuming your <table> tag comes with an id (like this: <table id="myTable"> you can access it in javascript like this:

var myTable = document.getElementById('myTable');

You can create a new table like this:

var newTable = document.createElement('table');

Now you need to transpose the old tables rows into the new tables columns:

var maxColumns = 0;
// Find the max number of columns
for(var r = 0; r < myTable.rows.length; r++) {
    if(myTable.rows[r].cells.length > maxColumns) {
        maxColumns = myTable.rows[r].cells.length;

for(var c = 0; c < maxColumns; c++) {
    for(var r = 0; r < myTable.rows.length; r++) {
        if(myTable.rows[r].length <= c) {
            newTable.rows[c].cells[r] = '-';
        else {
            newTable.rows[c].cells[r] = myTable.rows[r].cells[c].innerHTML;

This ought to do what you need. Be forewarned: not tested. Working this javascript code into an HTML page is left as an exercise for the reader. If anyone spots any errors that I missed, I be gratified if you point them out to me or simply edit to fix :)

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newTable.rows[c].cells[r] = myTable.rows[r].cells[c].innerHTML; should be newTable.rows[c].cells[r].innerHTML = myTable.rows[r].cells[c].innerHTML; – Natrium May 16 '12 at 6:59
and you should add document.body.appendChild(newTable); at the end, in order to add the table-element to the DOM. – Natrium May 16 '12 at 7:04

Here is a tested function that will transpose a table, and it will preserve any formatting/events you had hooked to any elements within the table (ie: onclicks on cell or cell contents)

function TransposeTable(tableId)
    var tbl = $('#' + tableId);
    var tbody = tbl.find('tbody');
    var oldWidth = tbody.find('tr:first td').length;
    var oldHeight = tbody.find('tr').length;
    var newWidth = oldHeight;
    var newHeight = oldWidth;

    var jqOldCells = tbody.find('td');        

    var newTbody = $("<tbody></tbody>");
    for(var y=0; y<newHeight; y++)
        var newRow = $("<tr></tr>");
        for(var x=0; x<newWidth; x++)


Notes: - Requires Jquery - Not tested on very large tables - Will likely crap out on tables with spanned columns/rows - Will likely crap out on tables with any combination of thead/th

So as long as your tables have no spanned cells and doesnt use thead/th, should be good to go.

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This is a solution, in this case this was for for mobiles and tablets, remove the media queries and the th position absolute and u have it!

based on this:

table, thead, tbody, th, td, tr { 
display: block; 


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