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Adding some gui modifications and I want to have a button which is 10pixels away from the forms left and right border. With this code the right border of the button is around 20-30 pixel outside the form window. Why is that? How can I position my button to be exactly 10pixels away from the form borders ?

int margin = 10;
meny1 = new Button();
meny1.Top = 50;
meny1.Left = margin;
meny1.Size = new Size(this.Width - (2*margin), 30);
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You should calculate with this.ClientWidth although I would expect the difference to be just the BorderSize, not 20 pixels.

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Will do that in the future. Thanks –  Milan Apr 28 '10 at 16:21

Use the Form.ClientWidth. This code worked for me.

button1.Left = 10;
button1.Width = this.ClientRectangle.Width - 20;
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That worked just fine. Didnt even notice there was the client "space". Thank you. –  Milan Apr 28 '10 at 16:19

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