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I have a page with several dropdownchecklists, all with checkboxes (multiple selects possible). Inside document ready, I have this simple code:


The problem is that when the page first loads, the alert fires. What I want to do is only fire the alert when one of the dropdownchecklist boxes is clicked. I know I am being dull of wit here. Can someone enlighten me?

Another way to state the problem is simply "How can I activate a function when a dropdownchecklist checkbox is clicked?"

Thanks in advance.

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David, Thank you for the fast response! That of course made the thing stop firing on page load (man was I being dumb LOL thanks). However, the alert does not fire when the dropdownchecklist checkbox is clicked. Tried giving one of the checkboxes a specific class and then doing this: $(".specific_class").click(function(){alert('TEST');}); and even that doesn't work. Apparently I need a different selector? –  John Burgoon Apr 28 '10 at 16:44
Where is this click binding code? It could be happening before the browser has actually rendered the checkbox list, thus doesnt match anything "YET!" Make sure to put this in $(document).ready(function() { $(":checkbox").click(function(){alert('TEST');}); }); and if you already have document.ready code, make sure its after whatever renders the checkboxlist –  David Apr 28 '10 at 16:52
You were correct, I had the statement in the wrong place. However, I ALSO noticed (via Firebug)that the dropdownchecklist plugin wraps each select option in a div with class "ui-dropdownchecklist-item". So I can get the whole div by selecting that class or the children of the div by $('.ui-dropdownchecklist-item').children(). Thx! One other detail I notice: my checkboxes have a label. Clicking to the right of the label is clicking the parent, not the children. So now all I have to do is call my function for both the .ui-dropdownchecklist-item class and its children. Thanks for the help! –  John Burgoon Apr 28 '10 at 18:19

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