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I want set up automated regression tests for a website -- the user fills out forms and I want to check for correct responses.

Can anyone recommend tools for automating this?

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You might want to check out StackOverflow Question 417380, which compares WatiN and Selenium for automated web testing.

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Take a look at Selenium, it should provide you with what you need.

Specifically look at


You can write your tests in a number of different languages (C#, Java, Python) etc...

Here's an example (using XPath) to populate a number of text fields (Java example):


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I suggest sahi at http://www.tytosoftware.com/.

Here is my personal experiments on this tool:

  • It does not depends on your server programing language at all.
  • It uses the browser ( firefox, ie ... ) to simulate the user activity, run javascript, load css .... So you can browser the site normally and assert what you need.
  • It's open source and free version, is more than we usually need.
  • You can write tests in java, or write it in a simple sah file ( this is good when your testers do not have any java knowledge)
  • The sah files could be made easily by its Dashboard tool.
  • It supports Firefox, IE, Chrom, Opera and Safari

Here is a sample sah (This wiil be automatically generated):

//Sample when user fills UserID and do not fill password and clicks on Login
//He will get the "Please fill this field" Error

_setValue(_textbox("UserID"), "test");
_assertEqual("Please fill this field", _getText(_span("passwordError")));
_assertContainsText("Please fill this field", _span("passwordError"));
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Have a look at Selenium.

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WatiN is a good alternative. I've used both this and Selenium and like both. Each has particular strengths.

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"Each has particular strengths" - Which are? –  jfar Apr 28 '10 at 17:24
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