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I have a C++ Visual Studio 2008 Windows Mobile 6.5 application that uses a tab control. I've noticed that depending on how careful you are with the stylus, when using the tab control you can accidentally re-order the tabs. It's difficult to do deliberately, but it's very easy to do when you're not trying. I assume this is a new "feature" of Windows Mobile 6.5 as it doesn't happen in Windows Mobile 6.1 with the same code.

Is there a window style or something I can set that will lock the tab order such that people don't accidentally re-arrange them?

Also, is there an MSDN page that describes this behavior and how it is supposed to work? I've looked, but have come up empty.

Thanks, PaulH

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Turns out it is a feature of the WTL tab class I was using. I ended up subclassing it and removing the tab reordering feature.


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