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In IE7, when a user fills out this Google Form w/ jq validate.js, and clicks the Submit button, the page navigates to the "success" page, but our form isn't showing the submitted content.


I read that IE 7 has issues with input elements having both a type and class/id/name of "submit", but when I try and change the button input's name, the Google js no longer submits the form content in FF or on my Mac.

Thanks for any insight into what issues IE 7 has with jq validate and Google Forms.

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You are actually not using an input field for your submit button, it is a button object. Internet Explorer treats button objects a bit different from other browsers. This w3schools page addresses some of the issue.

HTML Button Tag

If you instead use an input field with a type of submit you will likely have less compatibility problems.

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Crazy, a button form is on our registration page and that's submitting fine: xtracycle.com/warranty-registration But, did the change you suggested and the other form is working. Thank you very much, Joe! –  Tigre May 1 '10 at 2:44

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