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I don't do very much jquery / javascript but wanted to ask for some advice on the following piece. I have tried to cut out as much as possible. Most of this was semi-inherited code with catching a bunch of events just hardcoded in. I'd like to generalized them more by putting the object name in the html and accessing via jquery on processing (by_date, by_popularity). I retriev as string and access the object via window[current_obj]. Is this a good way to do this or am I missing something? Are there preferable ways to introduce specificity. thanks for any advice.

var by_date={};

var by_popularity={};


function process(game_obj){
   //will process and output new items here

<div class="otherContainer">
  <a class='previous active'>Prev</a><div style="display:none;">by_date</div> | <a class='next'>Next</a><div style="display:none;">by_date</div>

<div class="topPrevNextContainer">
  <a class='previous active'>Prev</a><div style="display:none;">by_popularity</div> | <a class='next'>Next</a><div style="display:none;">by_popularity</div>
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Some would consider your code to be littering the global namespace. A common technique for achieving limited-scope in JavaScript is to define and immediately call an anonymous function.

(function() {
    // this function is anonymous and is immediately called
    // variables declared inside this function are not members
    // of the global namespace.

    var options = {};




    function process(game_obj){
       //will process and output new items here
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cool. that makes sense. so i guess not a complete hack to be doing the grabbing the value from the html text. thx – timpone Apr 29 '10 at 0:37

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