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We're developing a saas app, which is almost finished. Being in the final stages we're wondering how we are going to charge customers for using our app, how we will enforce they will not pass on their logins and so on. Does anyone know a ready-made solution? We do have a budget for this.

Rough criteria:

  • enforcing multiple payment/licensing options (trial -> license with grace periods, on demand, pay per use, etc)
  • integration with payment providers
  • tracking/preventing unauthorized usage
  • payment/license plans adjustable on a per customer(group) basis
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Unfortunately, if you mean you are near the end of your application coding, you're late to considering your business model. Regardless of what you do, there is going to need to be some refactoring to make a user, billing, recuring payment, and settlement model work.

May I suggest a resource for someone in your position or earlier in the process?: http://blog.sciodev.com/2010/04/12/saas-develop-price-operate-and-succeed/

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i dont really agree: as in desktop software, a license manager integration is often one of the last steps. we do have a well defined business model, it's just the matter of enforcing it in a cost-efficient way. –  Steven Apr 28 '10 at 21:21

It depends on the software you designed. Working for different software companies, I've come across most as self managing. Where they have either workers manage subscription basis, payment etc. Or they have a built in system, into the software. Often times you will find that building it in custom allows it to be more flexible for your software / business needs. One other thing to consider if using third-party tools, do they work on a large scale with many users, and do they charge per user, transaction, or is it monthly/yearly fee.

I'd google, saas management providers and see what you get. But custom solution / integration would be best! Oh and don't forget using a payment gateway if you are going to accept CC. Good luck!

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we considered making it ourselves, but that would certainly be more costly than buying something. certainly if you take updating, and even more so: (semi)dedicated workers. refer again to a desktop license manager. that's what we want, but for saas. –  Steven Apr 28 '10 at 21:24

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