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I am trying to use regex.replace to strip out unwanted characters, but I need to account for spaces:

string asdf = "doésn't work?";
string regie = @"([{}\(\)\^$&._%#!@=<>:;,~`'\’ \*\?\/\+\|\[\\\\]|\]|\-)";
Response.Write(Regex.Replace(asdf,regie,"").Replace(" ","-"));

returns doésntwork instead of doésnt-work



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This could have saved you the embarrassment: –  bzlm Apr 28 '10 at 21:11

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Your regular expression includes a space, so the space gets stripped out before the string.Replace is called.

string regie = @"([{}\(\)\^$&._%#!@=<>:;,~`'\’ \*\?\/\+\|\[\\\\]|\]|\-)";
                                              ^ here

Remove it from the regular expression and your code should do what you expect:

string regie = @"([{}\(\)\^$&._%#!@=<>:;,~`'\’\*\?\/\+\|\[\\\\]|\]|\-)";
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You have a space inside your regex, right here: \’ \*.

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