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I have some large, dynamically generated SVGs that are being served over a relatively slow internet connection. I'm trying to optimize them to be viewable as fast as possible. If I set the server to Content-Encoding: gzip and Transfer-Encoding: chunked, will any SVG viewers take advantage of that and render it partially, as it is transferred? If not, are there other ways to get it to render as-it-streams? I could break it up into several SVG pieces but that will be a lot of work, I was hoping for server settings...

The most common users use IE7 with the Adobe SVG Viewer plugin.

I doubt it matters but I'm serving with C#/ASP.NET and IIS6.

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SVG is streamable (as well as gzipped chunked encoding), so theoretically it is possible to display only partially downloaded file.

I don't know if IE+SVG actually does it. Test it! Do something equivalent of:


and see if it works.

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