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I need to show my System.Windows.Forms.Form as a child window of an unmanaged C++ HWND. This is the C# SDK code that retrieves the NativeWindow:

public static NativeWindow MainWindow()
  Diagnostics.Process process = Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess();
  if (null == process)
    return null;
  IntPtr handle = process.MainWindowHandle;
  if (IntPtr.Zero == handle)
    return null;

  NativeWindow wnd = new NativeWindow();

  return wnd;

This is how it is implemented in the plug-in:

IWin32Window rh_wnd = Rhino.RhinoApp.MainWindow();

This works.... most of the time. But it also fails often the first time I call this code:

HWND Error

Call it again, everything works fine. What's going on?!?

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Pointer problems.... – Daniel Dolz Apr 29 '10 at 0:53

Possibly because rh_wnd is null? There are atleast 2 cases where you would return null from MainWindow(). Might be a good idea to check

IWin32Window rh_wnd = Rhino.RhinoApp.MainWindow();
if ( rh_wnd != null )

And if the above stops the errors, you might want to check which of the above conditions returns null, and go from there.

Hope this helps.

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