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hopefully this is a basic question about make pattern rules: I want to use a wildcard more than once in a prerequisite for a rule, i.e. in my Makefile I have

data/%P1.m: $(PROJHOME)/data/%/ISCAN/%P1.RAW
        @echo "  Writing temporary matlab file for $*"
        # do something

data/%P2.m: $(PROJHOME)/data/%/ISCAN/AGP2.RAW
            @echo "  Writing temporary matlab file for $*"
            # do something

In this example, I try to invoke make when the wildcard % is AG. Both files $(PROJHOME)/data/AG/ISCAN/AGP1.RAW and $(PROJHOME)/data/AG/ISCAN/AGP2.RAW exist. I attempt the following make commands and get this output:

[jshen@iLab10 gender-diffs]$ make data/AGP1.m
make: *** No rule to make target `data/AGP1.m'.  Stop.

[jshen@iLab10 gender-diffs]$ make data/AGP2.m
Writing temporary matlab file for AG, part 2...

[jshen@iLab10 gender-diffs]$ ls data/AG/ISCAN/AG*

How can I implement multiple instances of the same wildcard in the first make rule?

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this seemed to work:

data/%P1.m: $(PROJHOME)/data/$$*/ISCAN/$$*P1.RAW
            @echo "Writing temporary matlab file for $*, part 1..."
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