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I have a site with a flash SWF on the home page. I have a login dialog that is displayed using the jquery ui modal. The modal dialog is being covered by the SWF movie when it opens. I tried setting the z-index etc but nothing seems to stop the SWF from covering the log in.

Is there any way to force the SWF movie to the background?

The SWF uses src="support/AC_RunActiveContent.js" if that helps isolate the version.

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Hi use this code in your html and embed

<PARAM NAME=wmode VALUE=transparent> 

find the embed and add this

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I believe that, at least on some browsers, the flash applet will always appear above everything else on the page. It's probably best to not assume you can display content over it.

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You can fix this by embedding the SWF in the page with a special tag.

I believe it is wmode=opaque and you add this to the embed tag. (You would add a similar param to the object tag.)

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