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How do you use MatLab to calculate the SNR?


I only have one file, not two like in the example and it's a .tif.

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Calculate or estimate the SNR ? You need to understand the theory behind this before you get into implementing it with Matlab. –  Paul R Apr 29 '10 at 7:38

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First Google result for Matlab SNR. Copied from there, in dB:

snr = 10*log10(sum(clean.^2) ./ sum(noise.^2))

EDIT: The signal-to-noise ratio cannot be computed without knowing the signal power and noise power. With only knowledge of the observed (i.e., received) signal, one can blindly estimate the SNR, but this is an open research topic. See "blind quality measurement".

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Mean of noisy and clean should be zero:

signal = var(clean(:));
noise  = var(noisy(:)); 

s2n = 10*log10( signal / noise );

From: A comparison and analysis of different PDE-based approaches for image enhancement, page 4.

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If you are just calculating the variance, does it matter what the mean is? The result will still be the same if you add a scalar to either clean or noisy. –  Superbest Sep 25 '12 at 6:08

On the input side:

Calculate DB1 = 10*log10(var(noiseSignal))
Calculate DB2 = 10*log10(var(cleanSpeechSignal))

The SNR is = DB2 - DB1

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