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Basically, what I want to do is join 4 tables together and return 1 row for each boat.

Table Layouts


id, date, section, raft


id, boatid, pthurl, purl


id, sort, company, company_short


id, section

Its very simple as far as structure, however, I've having the time of my life trying to get it to return only 1 row. No boat will ever be on the same day, the only thing that's messing this up is the photo table.

If you know a better way for it to return the record table for all the boats boats and only 1 photo from the photo table, please, please post it!!

Desired Format,,, river_section.section, photos.purl, photos.pthurl
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It's basically how joins work. Since boats and photos are in one-to-many relationships and you want one-to-one-like query, you need to explicitly express it with predicate. For example:

select b.*
  boats b
    inner join photos p
      on = p.boatid
where = (select max(id) from photos where boatid =
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select b.*,p.* from boats b inner join photos p on = p.boatid where = (select max(id) from photos where boatid = Worked perfectly. Thank you. – Landmine Apr 29 '10 at 6:26

Assuming your ID column is the relation that you have designed:

SELECT Boats.* FROM Boats
  LEFT OUTER JOIN Photos on Photos.ID = 
              SELECT TOP 1 Photos.ID FROM Photos 
                 INNER JOIN Boats ON Photos.BoatID = Boats.ID
  INNER JOIN River_Company on River_Company.ID = Boats.ID
  INNER JOIN River_Section on River_Section.ID = Boats.ID

So basically, this will:

  • Guarantee the maximum row count of 1. (It's a bit dirty, but fact is if you have more than one photo, more than one link will be returned otherwise)

  • If there are no photo's, the boat will still be returned

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What happens if there are say, 5 boats? Wont it still only return 1 row? I need it to return all 5 boats. – Landmine Apr 29 '10 at 5:53
@Tyler - Ok, I've updated with what I think you're getting at. Please excuse syntax errors if there are any. – Kyle Rozendo Apr 29 '10 at 6:04
it doesnt return any rows. incarnate's sql worked great with some slight modification. Thank you thou! – Landmine Apr 29 '10 at 6:28

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