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I want to store few strings into an array using ArrayList.

How can I store all the strings at once without using Add function every time. Is it somewhat related to interface ICollection in anyway. Can I use ICollection to store my array. If yes How.


I want to store this in the constructor of a class in C#

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Were you aware that ArrayList is deprecated as of .NET 2.0? Don't use it unless you have no choice. – John Saunders Apr 29 '10 at 7:50
@John: I didn't knew this. – Shantanu Gupta Apr 29 '10 at 8:03
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Well, you can create an array, and populate the ArrayList from that:

ArrayList _1019 = new ArrayList(new string[] { "TEN", "ELEVEN", "TWELVE",
    "NINETEEN" });

That will work with all versions of C#, and all versions of .NET.

As PieterG says, C# 3 has collection initializers - but I suspect that if you're still using ArrayList, you may not be using C# 3.

If you are using C# 3 and targeting anything other than the micro framework, I suggest you use List<string> instead of ArrayList.

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+1 Jon, I was thinking the same thing about using ArrayList in C# 3. thanks for clearing that up for Shantanu Gupta – Pieter Germishuys Apr 29 '10 at 8:06

C# 3.0

ArrayList arrayList = new ArrayList() { "foo", "bar" }; // or
ArrayList arrayList = new ArrayList{ "foo", "bar" };
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You don't even need an ArrayList try

string[] stringArray = "red,yellow".Split(",")

this will return a string array

then you can stringArray.ToList() for a generic list of strings

which would be the modern equivilent to an ArrayList

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