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Is it possible to make a site "Home" in MOSS2007?

For example, when i enter my Sharepoint portal, i see two tabs on top:

Home | Just a Site

I want to delete the site under Home and set "Just a site" as default site (or Home?).


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Are you referring to the tab section for the Top Link Bar, as illustrated in this sample image? If so, then in the Site Actions menu, go to Site Settings. Under the Look and Feel category, pick Top Link Bar. In your situation, you will probably see "Home" and "Just a Site" as the links.

Choose to edit the Home link, and delete it. Then, edit the Just a Site link, and change its name to Home. Note that the colouration for the top link tab will probably change, but this will let you direct people to "Just a Site" using a tab that says "Home".

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