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Hy... I'm new in XML Schema, XSL,... (I have basic understanding) On web page: is shown example for open,edit,save xml file, but with asp. Do anyone know how can i open/edit and save xml file using php for next example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
 <tool id="1">
  <field id="prodName">
    <value>HAMMER HG2606</value>
  <field id="prodNo">
  <field id="price">
<tool id="2">
  <field id="prodName">
  <field id="prodNo">
  <field id="price">

and do i need <tool id="2"> or just <tool> is enough. Thanks very much on replay, and i don't need another xsl like shown on w3s, just fine is refresh submitted php file after submit (will do something with ajax after).

I saw replay from Mr. Writman on questions/377632/add-update-and-edit-an-xml-file-with-php but that is for now 2 complex for me...:) is there any simpler answer (solution). Thanks in advance!!!

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To validate the XML against a Schema file you can use


$document = DOMDocument::load('books.xml');

if ($document->schemaValidate('books.xsd')) {
  print 'books.xml does validate against books.xsd';

Also see these methods and the examples given on their manual pages:

You will find XML manipulation with DOM covered extensively at SO:

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Thanks... Will check is there everything i'm interest in. – Neat Apr 29 '10 at 19:31

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