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I have a display name field which i have to validate using JavaScript regex. We have to match all language characters like chinese, german, spanish in addition to english language characters except special characters like *(). I am struck on how to match those non-latin characters. Any help appreciated.

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If your regular expression engine can match Unicode categories, the regex \p{L} matches any letter in any language. JavaScript does not support Unicode categories. If you use XRegExp with the Unicode plugin, then you can do it like this in JavaScript:


This will return true if $input consists of one or more letters and nothing else.

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Unluckily there isnt much support for unicode for unicode regular expressions in javascript

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so i would use ajax (in case javascript is enabled).. or simple server side validation –  Parhs Apr 29 '10 at 9:49

I've used bits of XRegExp for this kind of thing and it's worked as expected so far. There's Unicode plug-ins here: http://xregexp.com/plugins/

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