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So I've installed iPhone-gcc, make and ldid from cydia, i can't compile yet though because I don't have the headers setup. I've looked around and there's not really much info on setting up the headers, librarys and frameworks. I just need to know where to extract them from the sdk and where to place them on my iPhone.

I've been trying to get this to work for a while, Any help would be great. Thanks Adam M

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I found everything in package com.bigboss.20toolchain.
After installation, I found headers:

root # aptitude install com.bigboss.20toolchain
root # dpkg -L com.bigboss.20toolchain | grep stdio\.h         
root # 
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This script automatically setup iphone toolchain for you, runs on Mac OS X, thanks to @rpetrich. http://gist.github.com/403608

First, remember to apt-get remove iphone-gcc on your iphone before running this script on your mac, if you don't want to collect headers files from iphone sdk, follow the Darwin arm part of the script and I think you should be good. This works for me out of the box.

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