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How to know what language user have selected to install setup in innosetup ? Im using innosetup 5.3 to package my application, its an multilingual application and so it would be useful if i knew what language user has selected to install the package. Thanks in advance.

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1.5.3? do you mean the current version (5.3)? if so if you have:

Name: "en"; MessagesFile: "compiler:english.isl"

you can return the language "en" via the {language} constant.

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you can return the language "en" via the {language} constant. Where and how do i get this {language} constant , do u have any sample for this. Thanks – Naresh Apr 29 '10 at 11:14
You can use it in inno directives like: Filename: "C:\XXX\{Language}\some.file It depends on what you want to do with the "en" string – Alex K. Apr 29 '10 at 11:39
ya made it , Thanks alex – Naresh Apr 29 '10 at 12:52

Try this method to determine what language user selected:

  ResultLan: String;

procedure MyConst();    
  ResultLan := ExpandConstant('{language}');    
  MsgBox(ResultLan, mbInformation, MB_OK);        


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