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I have this problem, I store a number in a database field. After a while I check if a value exist and if it does I take the number and add 1 this works fine up until 10, when I add a number to 10 it gets reset to 2 as if the zero is not counted for.

$row = pg_fetch_array($result,0);
$count = (int)$row[1]['count'];



  Column  |           Type           |                           Modifiers                           
 count    | character varying(255)   | 

I also tried to change it to integer the column and also no luck.

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how does the code look, that updates the value in the database? –  aioobe Apr 29 '10 at 11:51
It selects the count column via a select statement and $row[1]['count'] is the value returned –  Roland Apr 29 '10 at 11:55

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You're indexing the row twice. Use either $row[1] or $row['count'], not both. When you use both, the second index operation will index the string, giving you the first character. This will cause problems when you hit double digits.

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you need either row[1] or row['count'], but not them both

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