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hii, i have develop my own snmp service..and i want to plot a graph of an OID provided. so, i have create graph in cacti. -) Its is showing device up. -) It is creating rrd file.(RRDTool says OK). -) showing the graph but its empty.

but when i check it say

rrdtool fetch AVERAGE

it showing me all the values nan only..the monitored OID is having value 47 and i have set min=0 and max=100

i am using cacti appliance by rpath


still i can show value on graph..

where is the problem??can anyone plz tell me??

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If you can provide more details on how you are collecting data on RRD, answering can be more easier. –  Space May 4 '10 at 5:32
what kind of details you want??..lemme know i ll provide u wid .. –  Divya mohan Singh May 4 '10 at 6:14
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Maybe cacti doesn't have the needed permissions to access the rrd file and your test was done with a user who has the required permissions, for example root?

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