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I have a html form with action attribute pointing to struts action

Here is a JSP

<s:select name="roleId" id="roleId" list="roleMap" headerKey=""
                        headerValue="SELECT" theme="simple" value="%{roleId}" cssClass="dropdown_menu"></s:select>

It generates html like

<select name="roleId" id="roleId" class="dropdown_menu">
    <option value=""
    <option value="11">User</option>
    <option value="9">Administrator</option>


I have an action with getters and setters

private String roleId;
public String getRoleId() {
        return roleId;

    public void setRoleRId(String roleId) {
        this.roleId = roleId;

And the validation:

<field name="roleId">
    <field-validator type="requiredstring">
        <message key="USER.ROLE_ERR" />

But for some reason roleId property is not setting and it always gives me error saying role must be specified. When I disable the validation action receives all properties except roleId , What can be the proble , How do I detect such kind of errors?,

I am using Struts 2.0, Windows 7 , eclipse Ganimid and Tomcat 6.0

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setRoleRId is misspelled (should be setRoleId)

Unless you misspelled it when copying it here.

Always use Eclipse getters/setters generators.

And, BTW(not related to your problem), perhaps you should better use an Integer for the roleId field, Struts2 can convert query parameters quite decently (in contrast with Struts1) to other types than String.

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