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How can I efficiently retrieve a list of channels that a Vimeo video is listed in from the Advanced Vimeo API?

The Advanced Vimeo API provides the methods channels.addVideo and channels.removeVideo for managing the channels a video belongs to. Also, the channels.getVideos method is provided for retrieving the list of videos belonging to a channel.

However, there is no videos.getChannels method. This means that in order to find all the channels a video is included in one would need to call channels.getVideos (possibly more than once if the channel has more than 50 videos) for each channel of interest. This seems terribly inefficient.

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Hi, Did you find the answer for this? Now oauth 2.0 is introduced. Does it work fine now? Please give the solution if you have. – Durgaprasad Dec 29 '14 at 6:12

From what I have seen so far it has not been implemented into v1, but will be added into v2. I am still looking to see if there is an alternative


take a look at this page because they have this method vimeo.channels.getAll


I know this will get you a list of channels, from there I dont know if you can compare that to the video to make a list of channels that the video is in. I'm still looking.

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