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My Database is formed like this:

Recipient belongs to a Distribution, Admin HABTM Distribution

Now, when I want to find all the Distributions for which I am an Admin I do as follows:

$userid = $this->Session->read('');
$meineListen = $this->find('all',array(
 'contain' => array(
  'Recipient' => array(
  'Admin' => array(
     'conditions' => array(' =' => $userid)

//filtering out all the Distributions that have no Admins (i.e. not me)
for ($i = count($meineListen) - 1; $i >= 0; $i--) {
 if (count($meineListen[$i]['Admin']) == 0) {

return $meineListen;

Works fine so far, even so it's not overly elegant. Now I also want to have a list of all the recipients, and because those can be rather many, I wanted to paginate the result so the admin is not overwhelmed with data.

According to the Cookbook I can do something like this:

class RecipesController extends AppController {

    var $paginate = array(
        'limit' => 25,
        'contain' => array('Article')

But when I try to do more complex containing (like so)...

$userID = $this->Session->read('');
$this->paginate = array(
 'limit' => 10,
 'order' => array(
  'distribution_id' => 'asc',
   'Recipient.title' => 'asc'
 'contain' => array(
  'Distribution' => array(
   'Admin' => array(
    'conditions' => array('' => $userID)

...all I get is a flat hierarchy with Recipients and Distributions, but no show for the Admins whatsoever. And even if I got a result I wouldn't be sure how to get all the entries out that do not belong to me without upsetting the pagination.

So, long story short: how do I get only the recipients in distributions for which I am admin and then paginate the whole lot? Surely there must be a way beyond "overwrite the paginating with a custom pagination function"?!?

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What version of CakePHP do you use? 1.3 is just out, it is much smarter regarding pagination. – sibidiba Apr 29 '10 at 15:14
We are using 1.2 at the moment, since 1.3RC2 gave us tons of warning out of nowhere. I'll have a look if 1.3stable will fare better. – Sorcy Apr 30 '10 at 7:59

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