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I have added a kml to google earth by use of button with javascript. How can I delete that kml or clear all kml's by use of another button? thanks

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I believe I'm trying to do something similar. I've been trying to remove a folder from the kml when a link is clicked in the balloon. See my answer below for the closest I've gotten. –  Adam Jul 8 '10 at 20:04

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To remove all the features you can use the following method. It presumes that 'ge' references your plug-in object.

function RemoveAllFeatures()
  var features = ge.getFeatures();
  while (features.getLastChild() != null)
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Do you mean you added a KML file? I guess you did this by adding a "network link" using functions like

var networkLink = ge.createNetworkLink('ID_MyNetworkLink');
var link = ge.createLink('MyHREF');

So your "file" is a child of the whole KML tree with id "ID_MyNetworkLink". You can remove it by


Hope that helps

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Though not quite what you are likely looking for you can have a NetworkLink that loads kml with a NetworkLinkController change things. Check out the docs.

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