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I am trying to make a VoIP application and I wanted to know if it is possible to do the following with the Call Logs content provider -

  1. I want to add new Call Log records for the VoIP call along with the call logs for the regular call. How can I add new records to the existing Call logs content provider?

  2. I want to add custom fields to the Call Logs like a session ID and SIP address(name@domain) field. How can I customize the call logs database?

It'll be great if someone can give me an example.

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From a standard SDK application, you cannot directly extend or modify the CallLog database or content provider. For an SDK-based VOIP application, you should maintain your own call log.

If you are writing your own firmware for your own device, I am sure there are ways you can modify the call log database.

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If what you say is true, what's your response to Roberto's answer below? Is there any reason it shouldn't work or shouldn't be used? –  E-Riz Oct 4 '11 at 14:43
@Eric: That answer is for adding calls to the log. I was addressing bullet #2; Roberto addressed bullet #1. My apologies for any confusion. –  CommonsWare Oct 4 '11 at 14:48
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Regarding the first question, you can use this code to add new records to the existing Call logs content provider:

public static void insertPlaceholderCall(ContentResolver contentResolver, String number){
    ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
    values.put(CallLog.Calls.NUMBER, number);
    values.put(CallLog.Calls.DATE, System.currentTimeMillis());
    values.put(CallLog.Calls.DURATION, 0);
    values.put(CallLog.Calls.TYPE, CallLog.Calls.OUTGOING_TYPE);
    values.put(CallLog.Calls.NEW, 1);
    values.put(CallLog.Calls.CACHED_NAME, "");
    values.put(CallLog.Calls.CACHED_NUMBER_TYPE, 0);
    values.put(CallLog.Calls.CACHED_NUMBER_LABEL, "");
    Log.d(TAG, "Inserting call log placeholder for " + number);
    contentResolver.insert(CallLog.Calls.CONTENT_URI, values);

(Code taken from Google Voice Callback for Android)

Remember to add the permissions in the Manifest


Regarding the customization of the call logs database, I do not think is possible.

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