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I'm trying to find a web-based image viewer that supports many image formats. Most of the images will be TIF with some PDF, BMP and GIF. The vast majority of these images will be fairly small, say < 50kb.

The viewer must support printing and allow the user to save locally to disk. Users won't need to edit. ActiveX OK and I'm able to restrict users to IE.

Believe me, I've searched online for options but found very few that support a variety on image formats. The best one I found is Accusoft's NetVue but I want get recommendations for others.

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Have you considered converting the images to a web-suitable format? There's a lot of methods in .NET System.Drawing that could let you do this on the fly, caching the results. Just a thought. –  Dan Diplo Apr 29 '10 at 16:05
Dan - That's not a bad idea - I hadn't seriously considered that. I suppose I could stream PDFs to the user's browser and require them to have Reader installed. I'd have to pick a decent image viewer for other file types and convert all other image formats to a type that this viewer supports. I may end up having to do this but I would still think there would be more commercial options than I've found. –  Windy Apr 29 '10 at 21:56

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