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I'm new to openid, and I am getting an "invalidate_handle" and I have no idea what to do to fix it.
I'm using django_authopenid

[Thu Apr 29 14:13:28 2010] [error] Generated checkid_setup request to with assocication AOxxxxxxxxOX5-V9oDc3-btHhFxzAcccccccccc2RTHgh    
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] Error attempting to use stored discovery information: <openid.consumer.consumer.TypeURIMismatch: Required type not found in ['', '', '', '', ''] for endpoint < server_url='' claimed_id=None local_id=None canonicalID=None used_yadis=True >>  
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] Attempting discovery to verify endpoint  
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] Performing discovery on   
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] Received id_res response from using association AOxxxxxxxxOX5-V9oDc3-btHhFxzAcccccccccc2RTHgh  
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] Using OpenID check_authentication  
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] op_endpoint  
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] claimed_id  
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] identity  
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] return_to  
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] response_nonce  
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] assoc_handle  
[Thu Apr 29 14:13:29 2010] [error] Received "invalidate_handle" from server  
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Hi, Did you find solution to your problem ? If yes, can you please post it ? I am having similar problem (…). – Prafulla Mar 8 '12 at 17:33
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openid.invalidate_handle is the Provider's way of saying that your RP is sending an association that does not exist or has expired. The RP is supposed to respond by deleting that association handle so it isn't reused in the future. If you're always getting invalidate_handles in the response, then the RP you're using has a bug in it.

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