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Can an user control be loaded in a child window in Silverlight 3.0?

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so far the most you seem to be able to to do is change the color and position and size of the window. I am still searching for other sources though.


My apologies for the long response time. I have continued searching the web for different sources hoping to find a solution to your problem. However all I have been able to find to date is:

I’ve seen a few comments/requests incoming lately that people like the ChildWindow control in the Silverlight 3 SDK. This is a great control that creates a modal dialog for you. When you use it, it disables your root layout application and shows the dialog you provide:

This is great for those true modal needs. It responds to normal windows DialogResult type responses if you have buttons, etc. – great for error dialogs, logins, etc. The request I’ve been seeing is for the same functionality, but in a ‘normal’ ChildWindow.

Found Here

But most sites seem to say that the child window can have either the the size, position, color, dimensions, inner text modified and the childwindow itself can be used as a user control. but nothing definite about having user controls loaded into the window. Apart from the link I posted,

Hope this helps you out.

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Yes it can, through the Content property of the ChildWindow. This can done in the code behind or via XAML.

Also, take a look at the Floatable Window project on CodePlex. It extends the ChildWindow by enabling it to be resized among other things.

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