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I have a Windows Event Log entry giving the offset of the failed call triggering an application crash. I have a release build, the corresponding .PDB file, and the source.

I do not have a .MAP or .COD file.

How can I find the failing source line?

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WinDbg has an ln command that will give you the nearest symbol of an address.

Open your binary using:

WinDbg -z somebin.dll

And in the command window, type:

ln <address>

Once you find the function it's in, run

uf somebin!SomeFunc

to find the closest line to the address.

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According to codeproject.com/KB/debug/windbg_part1.aspx?display=Print, "ln adr": will show the symbol nearest to that location. –  AKX Jun 14 '11 at 10:32
:+1: to edits!! –  Paul Betts Dec 2 at 16:28

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