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I have a lot of data being placed into a <DIV> with the overflow: auto style. Firefox handles this gracefully but IE becomes very sluggish both when scrolling the div and when executing any Javascript on the page.

At first I thought IE just couldn't handle that much data in its DOM, but then I did a simple test where I applied the visibility: hidden style to every element past the first 100. They still take up space and cause the scrollbars to appear. IE no longer had a problem with the data when I did this.

So, I'd like to have a "smart" div that hides all the nested div elements which are not currently visible on the screen. Is there a simple solution to this or will I need to have an infinite loop which calculates the location of the scrollbar? If not, is there a particular event that I can hook into where I could do this? Is there a jQuery selector or plugin that will allow me to select all elements not currently visible on the screen?

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You want to use display: none instead of visibility: hidden

Elements that are hidden using visibility: hidden will still claim their space in the viewport.

As far as using a "smart" div, as you describe it. You may be interested in something like the jQuery autopager plugin.

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The autopager plugin looks interesting... unfortunately I'm out of time to try different ideas to appease IE so I just removed most of the functionality on the page. – aw crud May 4 '10 at 13:39

I was able to achieve the goal in my question but it did not deliver much of a performance gain in IE. I reworked my whole page but here's the unfinished code in case anybody else wants to do something like this and wants to know where to start:

//Where 'child' = element inside of a div ('parent') having overflow: auto style

function isChildOnScreen(child, parent) { 
  var topOfChild = child.offsetTop;
  var bottomOfChild = child.offsetTop + child.offsetHeight;
  var topOfParent = parent.scrollTop;
  var bottomOfParent = parent.scrollTop + parent.offsetHeight;

  var makeVisible = (topOfChild >= topOfParent && topOfChild <= bottomOfParent)
    (bottomOfChild >= topOfParent && bottomOfChild <= bottomOfParent)
    (topOfChild < topOfParent && bottomOfChild > bottomOfParent);

  return makeVisible;
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