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I have the following codes in my page.

The style variable holds the custom style.

  <cfchart chartheight="450" chartwidth="550" gridlines="9"   yaxistitle="Score" scalefrom="20" scaleto="100" style="#style#"   format="png" >
         <cfchartseries query="variables.chart_query" type="scatter"   seriescolor="##000000" itemcolumn="MyItem" valuecolumn="MyScore"/>

Before I begin, please see chart_good.jpg. This is how I want my report to come up. On the x-axis, there will always be three items as long as at least one of them has values. If an item does not have any values (i.e. 2010), there would not be a marker in the chart.

The problem occurs only when only one item has value. Please see chart_bad.jpg. As you can see, 2008 and 2010 do not have any values; y-axis is now scaled from 0 to 100. I have tried setting one of the items (ex. 2008) a value of 0 or something off the chart; it would scale according to this off-the-chart value and the 2009 value. In short, I have to have at least two items with values between 20 and 100 in order for cfchart to scale from 20 to 100.

My question is, how can I correct the issue so that cfchart would ALWAYS scale from 20 to 100? I am running CF9.

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What happens when 2008 has a value, but 2010 does not? Same thing? – Ben Doom Apr 29 '10 at 22:04
Yes, the same thing happened. – Monte Chan Apr 30 '10 at 16:43
Can you post a cfdump of variables.chart_query? – kevink May 2 '10 at 0:17
here is the cfdump – Monte Chan May 21 '10 at 22:18

What is inside your style variable?

I would suggest not using scaleFrom="" and scaleTo="" in the cfchart tag as they can be buggy sometimes. I believe that Coldfusion's cfchart tag attempts to scale the chart automatically to what it deems the best fit. Instead I would build the chart's minimum and maximum scales inside a frameChart tag.

Example of a style variable to build a chart

<cfsavecontent variable="style">
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <frameChart is3D="false" font="Arial-11-bold">
    <frame xDepth="0" yDepth="0" outline="black" lightColor="#CCCCCC" darkColor="#CCCCCC"
            wallColor="#CCCCCC" frameSize="5" dashSize="3" gridColor="#333333">
        <background type="HorizontalGradient" maxColor="#828EB0"/>

           NOTE: if you use variables for the scaleMin and scaleMax
           make sure to surround them with a cfoutput tag

    <yAxis scaleMin="20" scaleMax="100">
    <!--- --------------------- --->

        <labelFormat style="Currency" pattern="#,##0"/>
        <parseFormat pattern="#,##0"/>

    <legend allowSpan="true" isVisible="false" placement="Bottom" valign="Bottom" foreground="black"
        <decoration style="None"/>

    <elements outline="black" shapeSize="40"/>
    <popup background="#748BA6" foreground="white"/>
    <paint palette="Modern" paint="Plain" isVertical="true"/>
    <insets right="5"/>



Then all you have to do is load the variable into the style attribute like you already mentioned.

<cfchart format="png" chartWidth="550" chartHeight="175" style="#style#">

Also a great resource to use, is the Webcharts program that will be in your C:/coldfusion/charting/ directory. Just open webcharts.bat, create your custom chart, copy the xml code into your style variable, and viola!

Make sure to remove the scaleTo= and scaleFrom= from your cfchart tag if you decide to go this route.

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