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I need to have resource messages that contain EL expressions be resolved when loaded from a ResourceBundle. Basically I have a number of properties files containing the text. Some of the text will look like the following:

welcomeText=Welcome #{userbean.name}

The only possible way I can see this working currently is implementing a custom taglib so that instead of saying:

<f:loadBundle var="messages" basename="application.messages"/>

I would have to use

<mytaglib:loadBundle var="messages" basename="application.messages"/>

Given a user with username "User1", this should output

Welcome User1

My implementation would then use a custom ResourceBundle class that would override handleGetObject, use the ELResolver to resolve variables etc....Ideas? suggestings? Implementations that are already available?

I appreciate your assistance.

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Rather make use of <h:outputFormat> and <f:param> to display parameterized text. It's backed by the MessageFormat API, the same rules as described in the API's javadoc will be applied.


welcomeText=Welcome {0}


<h:outputFormat value="#{messages.welcomeText}">
    <f:param value="#{userbean.name}" />

There it is for :)

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I know about MessageFormat, but I am specifically looking for a way of resolving variables from inside property files. It is possible that different locales will have different messages with different variables being used for the textual output. –  CDSO1 Apr 29 '10 at 21:53
Well, that pretty much tight-couples the bundle with the model. The bundle maintainer has to know precisely about the models used. By the way, you can also just use {1}, {2}, {n} and so on and just feed them all and clearly document which one stands for what value. The ones not specified in the bundle will be plain ignored. –  BalusC Apr 29 '10 at 22:12

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