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Does mod_rewrite work for windows servers too? If not, how does windows use regular expressions the same way you can using the .htaccess file in Apache?

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There's a URL Rewriting module for IIS7, shipped by Microsoft. It can import rules from mod_rewrite. It doesn't have 100% compatibility, but most of what you want to do, it can do.

There are also other, third-party URL rewriters, with varying degrees of mod_rewrite-compatibility, and varying price points. Helicon ISAPI Rewrite is a commercial one.

IIRF is a good one. Free, mostly compatible. Works on IIS6 or 7. I wrote it.

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If you mean for IIS, there are ways to do it.

In the project I am working on right now, we use Helicon ISAPI Rewrite.

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I guess he indeed meant IIS as "iis7" is listed under the tags. –  zneak Apr 29 '10 at 22:10

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