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I'm trying to match punctuations using regular expressions.

Do I have to specify every punctuation character I am searching for or is there is an escape sequence I can use?

I'm sitting here smiling to myself that the answers I might get will just be "Yes" or "No", please elaborate.... (that sentence should match the regular expression twice)

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Do i have to specify every punctuation character i am searching for or is there is an escape sequence i can use?

That would be a character class, not an escape sequence. You can use a character class defined by a Unicode category :


This expression matches characters in the category "All Punctuation". You can find a list of supported categories in the UnicodeCategory enumeration

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found the answer, this is it

var m = Regex.Match(inputText.Substring(startPosition), @"(\p{P}){2,}");
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You don't need to specify all sub-categories, since the \p{P} category includes all of them –  Thomas Levesque Apr 30 '10 at 1:27
cheers, updated –  Aran Mulholland Apr 30 '10 at 2:07

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